5g Gold Bullion Minted Bar


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  • The first time Britannia bullion is available as a 5g gold bar
  • Beautifully presented in a specially designed henna patterned sleeve for gifting
  • Each bar is individually numbered
  • Contains 5g of 999.9 fine gold

Both beautiful and inherently precious, gold is considered a timeless gift that can be handed from one generation to another, bestowing luck and prosperity. This 5g gold bar brings together the time-honoured tradition of the giving of gold, perfect for celebrating a special occasion or festival such as Diwali.

The gold bar features a contemporary interpretation of Britannia by artist Jody Clark. With a history spanning millennia, Britannia has been a symbol of strength and stability for as long as gold has been linked with important personal and cultural celebrations. Today, this iconic figure is the modern face of British bullion, instantly recognisable as a trusted symbol of the quality of British minting.

This is the first time Britannia bullion is available as a 5g gold bar. Each bar is imprinted with a unique serial number and presented in colourful celebratory henna styled packaging,