50cc Mini Dirt Bike KXD01 PRO


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Discover the Ultimate 50cc Mini Dirt Bike Experience for Kids: Upgraded and Enhanced for Unbeatable Value

Introducing the KXD01 50cc Mini Dirt Bike, now with an array of exciting upgrades, all at the same incredible price point. This bike is a game-changer for young riders, offering an unbeatable package of size, weight, and performance. The Mini Moto 50cc Mini Dirt Bike KXD01 PRO is the go-to choice for kids stepping into the world of off-road excitement.

Designed with precision and crafted to European safety standards, these 50cc Mini Dirt Bikes are in a class of their own. Their popularity stems from their exceptional versatility – they’re fit for any terrain. Equipped with front and rear suspension and robust tires, such as the upgraded off-road tires, the KXD01 Mini Dirt Bike conquers uneven ground with ease. This opens up new horizons for Mini Moto enthusiasts, making it an ideal first motorbike.

Safety takes the front seat with these Mini Dirt Bikes. Essential features, including a Safety Cut-Out with a tether for instant bike shutdown, a fully enclosed chain to prevent contact with the transmission, and front and rear independent disc brakes, provide unparalleled protection. For novice riders, the speed can be restricted, ensuring a controlled and safe learning experience.

These bikes are compact and lightweight, fitting effortlessly into the back of a car. This makes them perfect companions for trips to Mini Moto tracks across the country. And with prices this attractive, you and your friends can all join in the excitement, multiplying the fun.

The Mini Moto 50cc Mini Dirt Bike Orion KXD01 PRO sets a new benchmark for premium Mini Dirt Bikes. Notably, it boasts a series of upgrades that set it apart from the competition:

  • Aluminium upside-down forks with stanchion guards
  • Colour-coded aluminium wheels
  • Upgraded bodywork and fuel tank with the latest design
  • Proper off-road tires for enhanced handling
  • Up-swept exhaust with aluminum End Can for improved ground clearance and impressive sound
  • Wavy disks front and rear for both aesthetics and performance
  • Upgraded swing arm for enhanced aesthetics and durability
  • Further enhancements for exceptional value, including a stronger clutch and an Easy Start pull starter for hassle-free ignition, especially beneficial for young riders.

Specifications of the Mini Moto 50cc Mini Dirt Bike Orion KXD01 PRO:

  • Engine: 49cc, single-cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled
  • Safety Cut Out with Tether
  • Range per tank: 35 – 45 miles
  • Maximum Load: 65kg
  • Fuel: 25:1 petrol/oil mix (mixing bottle included)
  • Plastic Fuel tank: 0.8L
  • Transmission: chain-driven (fully enclosed for safety)
  • Front and rear independent disc brakes
  • Frame: Steel, Bodywork: ABS plastic
  • Upgraded Stronger clutch
  • Package Size L / W / H – 108 x 31 x 52 cm
  • Overall length 125 cm Seat Height 60/62 cm
  • G.W. / N.W. – 27 kg/25 kg